Links and thanks

I’ll be adding to this section as I go, but here are links to people and sites that I’d like to thank.

It takes a lot of work and a lot of encouragement to start a blog and keep it running, so I most want to thank Philip Hartigan for the momentum to get me rolling again and to help me think more broadly about this site as I take full ownership of it. Definitely bookmark his site Praeteria for brilliant commentary about art, literature, and living a well-curated life.

Thanks to Brad Weirich for starting the Better World Books partnership with me back in 2013 when the blog began on Goshen Commons. Brad, Veronica Berkey, Kristin Saner, and some other amazing people here in Goshen have started Fables Bookshop  in the old Better World location. Please check them out if you’re in the area!

I’d also like to thank the awesome folks at the Wayback Machine for preserving the history of the World Wide Web, thus saving my “Elkhart Truth” posts in their published form.

Thanks to Pete at Oakley Studio, LLC for transferring my early archives, and for being an awesome webmaster.

Thanks also to my early editors Duane Stoltzfus of Goshen Commons, and Ann Elise Taylor and Mark Maley of the “Elkhart Truth.”

Thanks most to my best editor of all, Kyle Schlabach, and the two young, powerhouse critics at large who boomerang around my house with useful commentary on anything and everything I’m reading, especially when I review kids’ and young adult comics.