“Department of Mind-Blowing Theories,” by Tom Gauld

“Department of Mind-Blowing Theories,” by Tom Gauld. Drawn and Quarterly, April 2020. 160 pp. Hardcover, $21.95.

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This week I’m reviewing a collection of cartoons from the British science and technology magazine “New Scientist,” so let’s start with an equation:

The dark yet whimsical illustrations of Edward Gorey

From “LitHub”


the silly brilliance of Gary Larson

from “ComicsHa”

equals comics like this one, from the new collection of Scottish cartoonist and illustrator Tom Gauld:

Gauld’s “Department of Mind-Blowing Theories” casts a satirical eye on the realm of science—and scientists, along with the rest of us, could probably use a good laugh these days. Continue reading ““Department of Mind-Blowing Theories,” by Tom Gauld”