Jersey Justice: Review of “Ms. Marvel: No Normal”

This post was originally published by the Elkhart Truth in November of 2014. Ms. Marvel hit its 50th issue in June, and the collected trade of the series is now up to Volume 9, which just came out in July. If you haven’t read this series, it’s the perfect time to start: you’ve got a year or two to get caught up before the release of the Ms. Marvel film.

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“Some people get to hide out in space stations. I get a Circle Q.” So speaks the edgy yet grounded Kamala Khan, a.k.a. the new Ms. Marvel. In “Ms. Marvel: No Normal,” the first collected trade volume of the most recent incarnation of Ms. Marvel, Khan is a second-generation Pakistani-American from Jersey City who has just inherited superpowers she doesn’t yet fully understand. She’s a Muslim teenager who writes superhero fan fiction, both loves and resents her parents, and like many North American teenagers no matter their faith or lack thereof, just wants to fit in. Continue reading “Jersey Justice: Review of “Ms. Marvel: No Normal””

A Christmas Throwdown: ‘Radical Jesus’ Meets ‘Punk Rock Jesus’

Originally published on December 24, 2013

At first glance, the books up for review in this holiday week seem to have nothing in common except the word “Jesus” in the title. I’ll let the covers speak for themselves:



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Continue reading “A Christmas Throwdown: ‘Radical Jesus’ Meets ‘Punk Rock Jesus’”