Intrigue! Romance! History! ‘The Property’ by Rutu Modan

Originally published on March 17, 2014



Author photo by Dominika Leclawek, from

Last post I reviewed “The Great War,” by comics journalism pioneer Joe Sacco. Turns out that Sacco, most famous for “Palestine,” his first-person exploration of the history of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, interviewed this week’s author, Rutu Modan, back in 2008. Modan, well-known in her home country of Israel and rapidly gaining broader recognition, had just released her Eisner Award-winning book “Exit Wounds.” Continue reading “Intrigue! Romance! History! ‘The Property’ by Rutu Modan”

Childhood in Black and White: ‘Marble Season,’ by Gilbert Hernandez

Originally published on October 29, 2013

We’ve been discussing color comics almost exclusively, so I’ll start this review with the only color pictures in the book, so you don’t feel like Dorothy returning to colorless Kansas. Here are the cover and inside cover of “Marble Season,” by Gilbert Hernandez:


hernandez-inside-f-c Continue reading “Childhood in Black and White: ‘Marble Season,’ by Gilbert Hernandez”